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Thank you for joining the largest online evangelistic effort in the world. Like you, we are committed to optimizing the World “Wild” Web for our Savior. There is much to be done if this generation will make the Gospel of Jesus Christ available for the whole world.

The aXiom Network “ComPack” Includes Numbered Certificate of Membership, three Beginning with Christ booklets and one Born to Reproduce booklet.


Remember, as a member of The aXiom Network you have three advantages.
You choice of

  1. You choice of
    The Gospel (Romans Road) presentations:
  • The Road Swap
  • Select and change your choice of templates when you like and
  • Add your customized Road Swaps widgets to your website page wherever and as often as you like.
  • Tools: Discounts on popular Discipleship Tools for effective “Grounding and Growing” of Christians
  • Network: Free listing, weblink and The aXiom Network icon added to your listing at America’s Church Address listing nearly 150,000 US Churches.

GETTING STARTED: Click on the link below to be taken to The Road webpages. There you can select your preferred option for adding the Gospel to your own Church or Ministry site, click The Road options.

Don’t forget! Please tell, email, write, send smoke signals, shout, sing or whatever it takes to recruit at least 10 or more Churches in your community, denomination or contact list and help us help the U.S. Church make an eternal difference on the Web.

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Thanx Again!

Soli Deo Gloria…
The Staff at The aXiom Network