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You don’t need to add a webpage, complicated coding, no forms with fields and php to learn, images to edit or hours set aside for programming. In fact, it takes less time to create an entire Online Evangelistic Ministry than it does to brush your teeth, make your morning coffee or walk to your car to go to the office.

Within seconds after completion of Registration you’ll receive an Email with links that you (or forward to your webmaster) just copy and paste a “widget” made up of a string of letters and numbers on any page, or better yet, on all your website pages and you instantly have a complete Online Evangelism Ministry. (Even your webmaster will be impressed!) Sound too good to believe? We don’t blame you! We DID mention the word, “Revolutionary”!

Key 1: Add “Road Swap Gospel Templates” link with our Online Decision Card to your Church’s Website
Samples of “Road Swap Gospel Templates”TM

Road SwapsTM technology is so remarkable, layouts so beautiful, and 24/7/365 convenient for pulpit and pew that they won’t simply provide new solutions to the Church’s outreach, they’ll become the cornerstone of your evangelistic efforts.

  • “Online Decision CardTM – When someone completes the Decision Card at the bottom of your customized Road Swaps (available with FULL MEMBERSHIP) you automatically receive an Email informing you of what decision they made, if they want prayer and more.
  • Three types of links – You have the option of adding a Text link, Thumbnail or Tower image, or all three to your site anywhere and on as many pages as you like.
  • Easy to install, move or delete anytime as quickly and easily as you installed them
  • Complete Online Evangelism Ministry for less than 5¢ per day!
  • and, much, much more…
Key 2: Scriptural Follow-up Tools
“Beginning with Christ” Biblical Assurances for the New Believer

When you receive an Email from someone who has completed your Road Swaps Online Decision CardTM on your site you’ll need great follow-up materials to send to them to encourage them in their new Faith and hopefully, meet for coffee to discuss their decision and attend your services the following week. These time-tested, Scripturally faithful tools can also be distributed throughout your Church for growing Disciples at any level. Beginning with Christ is an attractive, intelligent, and biblical tool for beginning discipleship. It is one of the Growing in Christ: Follow-Up Series created by The Navigators and printed by NavPress. It contains a brief introduction to the spiritual life, an explanation of five Assurances one receives when accepting Christ and five verse cards in NIV and KJV printed on perforated card-stock for an individual to memorize, tear out and carry with them. Assurances include:

  • Assurance of Salvation: 1 John 5:11-12
  • Assurance of Answered Prayer: John 16:24
  • Assurance of Victory: 1 Corinthians 10:13
  • Assurance of Forgiveness: 1 John 1:9
  • Assurance of Guidance: Proverbs 3:5-6

The booklet closes with a brief explanation and encouraging comment about Scripture memory and the New Believer’s spiritual walk. We know it may be the first, last and only oppportunity to make an connection with an individual. We believe its important enough to provide the highest quality Follow-up materials. These materials are highly recommended by aXiom but are not required to be an aXiom member. We do offer these at discounts but feel free to buy these resources elsewhere or use literature you prefer.

Key 3: Assistance through your “Network” – America’s Church Address is by far the largest, most comprehensive online U.S. Church directory in the world. As the first online church directory on the internet it began as a way to assist U.S. Navy (submarine) Chaplains find churches for sailors being transferred for duty, and eventually other military personnel in the U.S. (learn more at FAQs.) Recently, its use and purpose has been expanded for anyone who wants to know about specific U.S. churches and their location, service times, types of ministries, etc.

The Network. When someone makes a decision for Christ who doesn’t live in your community then you can find a local aXiom member church in their community (just look for the aXiom logo beside their church name) who shares your heart for the lost and either tell the individual about it and encourage them to visit or, even more effectively, contact the Member Church and have their Pastor follow-up with them.

It includes:

  • Nearly 150,000 U.S. Protestant Churches and adding more weekly

    Click to visit America’s Church Address
  • QST: Quick Search Tool for fast lookups by State & City
  • DST: Detailed Search Tool for more specific searches by Church Name, Beliefs, Zip Code and more
  • Descriptions of America’s Christian Churches and Denominations
  • Links to important Christian sites for casual reading as well as serious research
  • Essays written exclusively for by some of America’s Top Christian Scholars, many of whom you’ll recognize, including:
    • Bill Hull: The Purpose of the Church
    • Haddon Robinson: How to Effectively Listen to a Sermon
    • Fritz Ridenour: Are All Religions the Same?
    • Ron Blue: My Church’s Finances and Me
    • and others…all available only at
  • and much more…
  • Visit to learn more. (Your Church may already be listed…)

As a Member of The aXiom NetworkTM your church, upon completion of Registration, becomes part of the largest Online Directory of U.S. Churches in the World! Your membership includes:

  • FREE Listing: Make sure your Church is listed on the largest online U.S. Church Directory in the world
  • FREE Profile: Add helpful data to your listing so Seekers can get an accurate description of your current ministry
  • FREE WebLink: Your Church’s Website will be linked to your Church’s name so visitors to get to see your site as well
  • FREE aXiom Logo: Instantly locate other aXiom Church members who demonstrate their dedication to The Great Commission with the Gospel on their Site

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