A Complete Online Evangelism Solution in Five Minutes

Step 1: Shared Vision

Share a vision with thousands of like-minded churches for a worldwide ministry of evangelism online. It only takes five minutes to implement and has profound implications for you, your ministry, the internet and the Kingdom.

Catch the Vision…

Step 2: How it works

aXiom makes it possible to spread the Gospel around the world 24/7/365 and notify you within seconds when someone puts their faith in Christ allowing you to follow-up with an invitation to your church and ultimately disciple them.

See how easy it is to start…


Step 3: Partner to Transform the Web

Finally, complete the Partnering Process and begin the incredible journey of transforming the web and helping others find the Savior and grow as His disciple through your ministry.

As a “fisher of men…”

Ready to cast your net?

Our Passion

“The world is spiritually hungry, and we have the tool to satisfy that emptiness by communicating God´s love. Jesus called us to make disciples of all nations. Discipleship means having knowledge of Him. So the question is, What is my reasonable response to the “go” imperative of the Great Commission, given that I have a global communications network readily available to me and very easy to learn. We, the Church in America, have no excuse!”

The Internet Church – the local church isn’t local anymore!  Walter P. Wilson

The Role of the Church and Opportunities on the Web

Over the years we’ve worked with several well known, highly respected parachurch ministries. Every ministry has a Gospel presentation on their websites. Still, altogether they offer only a handful of Gospel pages on the world wide web who, in the end, refer interested Seekers back to staff people for follow-up and vritually no assimilation into a local Body. A “needle in the haystack” when a Seeker is trying to find the Gospel. Imagine an internet where 100,000 Churches, with Gospel pages and those same Seekers are being referred back to local Churches in the Seekers own community.


The aXiom Network’s effort is not just about providing the Gospel online, nor effective, Biblical follow-up Tools or even about Networking with other Churches on the largest online Church directory in the world. It is about the salvific ministry of the Spirit combined with the efforts of 100,000 Churches to expand the Kingdom in a way never before possible in the history of the Church.”

A four legged stool

Doesn’t your vision exceed your ability?

Response: Yes, in every way imaginable.

From FAQs

From this day forward, we will join with that handful of faithful ministries who provide the Gospel online and ask God to multiply that effort a thousand fold or more by providing the Gospel where it can have an even greater impact; namely, 100,000 local fellowships and the thousands of communities where they minister.

From this day forward…

“The aXiom NetworkTM is focused 100% on the local church. aXiom creates a window into their community for pastors and churches to minister through relationships, prayer, community and more to those seeking Salvation. But, it also incentivizes the local congregation to become equipped to do so.”

The Impact? “Changing Hearts, Growing Churches, Transforming the Web!

What aXiom is…

“The aXiom NetworkTM is not just about linking a customized Gospel presentation to your ministry’s website with a powerful Online Decision Card. It’s equally about relationships, disciple building, communication, personal and spiritual growth and much more.

aXiom is not an end but a means.”

What aXiom is not

“Does your Church choose not to post the Gospel on your site because “relational evangelism” is de rigueur and any other approach is deemed too confrontational or ineffective. Has that exclusiveness enabled or encouraged your fellowship to fill the pews with new believers? When we study the lives of Jesus, Paul and their disciples we see they didn’t stress one “method” to the exclusion of others. Why should we?”

Silent Sentinel

“There are only so many Christians in our communities and beyond who will migrate from one fellowship to another. Some Churches haven’t seen anyone put their faith in Christ for Salvation through their own ministry in years! Isn’t it time we depend less on migration and more on the miracles of the Holy Spirit to fill our pews? Add the Gospel to your site and humbly wait to see what God does!”

Migration or Miracles

“Scriptures teach that there is no way around the fact that the Gospel will offend many. If your flock isn’t sure how to tell their family, friends, strangers and coworkers now they can just lovingly explain it to them in a nonthreatening way on your Church’s website. What could be more powerful than Paul speaking to them from his own epistle to the Romans.”

Let Paul Speak

“My seminary professor told a story of when he asked a pastor what his church’s strategy was for reaching the Lost. The pastor replied rather sheepishly, “Our strategy is to just pray.” Prof retorted, “Pray? Well, that’s easier than actually doing anything” A splatter of laughter from the class followed but we all took notice.”

Strategy? What strategy…

“How is it possible that every Scripturally based parachurch organization that we could find posts the Gospel on their website and yet, based on our research, maybe one in 500 Churches,
the very Body of Christ on earth,
does the same?”

Parachurch & The Gospel

The aXiom Network has created an entirely new category for ministry; a remarkable and technologically savvy means to appeal to those whom the Spirit wants to confront with the claims of the Savior; beautiful, professional and biblical online tools and supplies that will, or should, become the cornerstone of every local church’s New Growth ministry!”

A Ministry Cornerstone

“This’ll never work!”


“Evidence suggests the American church is becoming less and less relevant to everyday Americans. As a result, churches run the risk of becoming more isolated and insulated from the cares and concerns of those in their communities. Isn’t it time we reengage basic steps; namely, telling them the truth about a God who loves them enough to have provided the Gospel.”

Isolated and Insulated

“While the world ‘wild’ web clearly creates endless challenges to evangelism it also creates nearly infinite opportunities for those Churches that both proclaim salvation in Christ alone and are prepared to optimize their online ministries with a biblical and visually appealing Gospel presentation. We can leave the rest to the Church’s intercession and the Spirit’s intervention.”

The world “wild” web…

“Some pundits say the web is best for communications between the pulpit and the pew only; that there’s no viable strategy possible for effective online evangelism. aXiom believes this abandonment of online Gospel opportunities sells short the dynamics of the technology, the willingness of Christians to cooperate and the ability of the Holy Spirit to work beyond our own limited vision for success.”

…’till now!

The aXiom Network is to the web what the Bible is to a hotel room, a gospel tract is to a restaurant tab or a prayer lifted up for a person you’ve only met casually. You and your Church may never realize this side of heaven the opportunity you gave for a lost soul to fall in love with the Savior.”

Hotels, Restaurants & Prayer

“Jesus asked His disciples rhetorically what is the benefit of possessing a light if they keep it hidden under a basket. Today  we are challenged with a similar question; namely, what good is the Good News of Salvation in Jesus Christ if we  neglect using the most ubiquitously available tool God has provided since the inception of the church?”

Same message, different basket

“The term ‘aXiom’ in greek means ‘that which is thought fit, a decision, a purpose’. In English, ‘a clear truth, an idea too obvious to debate’. It remains therefore, ‘fitting, purposeful’ and to us, ‘beyond debate’ that every fellowship that honestly believes that evangelism is the keystone to building disciples and fulfilling the Great Commandment and the Great Commission must include the Gospel on its website!”

Beyond Debate

“A vast Network of evangelistically committed Churches dedicated to online proclamation of the Gospel, we believe, may be the best opportunity in this new century for the entire gospel believing Body of Christ to exercise her God-ordained power to shake the Devil to his core!”

Shake the Devil

The aXiom Network has no illusions about the once lost throngs queuing up to the Throne of Grace as a result of our meager efforts. However, we sincerely believe that to do nothing is a truly lost opportunity to be used by the Spirit, that every soul deserves the opportunity to respond to the Spirit’s offer for Eternal Life and that they will be eternally grateful to the local fellowship that made it possible.”

Our Lost Opportunity

The aXiom Network: “Changing Hearts, Growing Churches, Transforming the Web” by making the Gospel available online via a national network of thousands of like-minded churches joining together to provide the Spirit with the “tool” to bring millions to the Savior.

Simple in concept, transformative in execution!”

Simple & Transformative

“Imagine the impact of 100,000 churches networked together to provide online resources for the Spirit to utilize in His ministry. Then imagine those saved individuals and their families integrating into the local church. Is there a downside for those without Christ, the Church or the Cause of Christ? Let it begin with universal access to the Gospel!”

It’s Time!

“This ambitious endeavor is nothing short of the greatest mobilization of Churches in history who are committed to the principle that the world should have and they should provide online, universal access to the Good News of Jesus Christ”

The Greatest Mobilization

Isn’t it time your church reach out beyond the four walls… and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world?