“When I travelled as a boy every hotel room we stayed in had a Bible in the nightstand. No doubt millions over the years read and received succor from the hard work and faithfulness of the thousands of individuals, Churches and volunteers who placed them there over the generations. Despite odds they would realize any fruit from their generosity, do you suppose they have any regrets?”

Teaming up to change the Internet for Jesus Christ is not just about qualifications. It’s also about qualities of life, passion and choices.

If you are a compassionate person toward others (Christian and Non-Christian), have a passion for and expertise in web technology, have a vision for the SMC (small and medium size church), have a heart for evangelism, share a vision for the Great Commission and some experience in local church ministry, we’d like to talk to you.

Please use our Contact page to inquire for more information.

Please Note: No positions are available at this time. Please check this page in the future to see when we are looking for additional staff. Thank you!