Web Tips

Some or most of these tips may be obvious but we make them available for all to consider. We are not suggesting any or all sites should adhere to these principles. However, we believe it would be wise to consider them and decide whether they should be incorporated into your site. As we can all benefit from each other’s experiences please feel free to send comments, question or additional suggestions at our Contact Us form.

Domain Names:

When selecting a Domain Name the most common types used by ministries are .org (usually used by a non-profit “organization”), .edu (used by educational institutions; schools, colleges, etc.), .com (for “commercial” site but today most people don’t care much about the name extension. There’s no hard and fast rule about which domain type to use).

What if my preferred Domain isn’t available? Sorry! The internet has been around for a while and many Domain Names have been scooped up by now. All is not lost, however. Contact us and when you’re ready to take your site live we’ll work closely with you to find an acceptable DN when you’re ready to purchase.

Begin Search…

Contact Us to discuss finding a Domain if yours isn’t available.

Calendar or List (of Services and Events)

We believe a single page with Ministry listings, Descriptions, Times, etc. as you’ll see on our Templates is easier to maintain and update. (Select one of our Templates for examples – opens in a separate window). And, the bigger your church/ministry the more labor intensive it becomes. A calendar has to constantly be monitored and updated as months approach. Calendars, while no doubt helpful, require much more attention than a simple listing especially as seasonal updates, worship times, small group meetings, leadership issues, etc. change. In other words, 52 Sunday services, Sunday School classes, small groups, special services, along with their times and other relevant information will have to be posted several times throughout the year. With a simple page listing, on the other hand, you make changes only when needed.

NOTE: If you feel you must have a calendar we can add it for a small customization charge. Contact Us for more information.