Getting Help

Building a Website is Easier Than You Think! And, we provide four layers of assurances to help!

1. Hand Holding

First, we don’t assume you know much, if anything, about website creation: code, html, css, javascript, MySQL, php, security, hosting, spam prevention or more. So, we do all that and much more behind the scenes; most of which you’ll never see. And, the good news? You don’t need to! Your focus is very different as it should be.  We all have different experts in our lives to serve us and we hope you’ll allow us to serve you in your online presence. We love our clients and take their trust very seriously. We will do all that’s humanly possible to make sure nothing happens to ruin your site…or, in a “worse case scenario”, we can fix it.

And, the good news get even better! Our Templates are intuitive, meaning, if you can use a word processor (MS Word, etc) then you’re good to go. For the most part they’re WYSIWIG; that is, What You See is What You Get. What that means to you is that when you type something, or Bold something, or Italicize something, or make a link, or pretty much any editing you do is, upon Save and Refresh (F5), available instantly. (We’ll get into all the “geek speak” once you’re ready to go.)

2. Free Training Videos

Yes! We’ll provide free learning videos (we call them the Manual). These videos will walk you through the entire process of building your site. And, best yet, they are accessible right from within your site dashboard with the click of your mouse. Most are only about 5-7 minutes or so; so you won’t get bogged down in hours and hours of online viewing. If you forget how to do something, just click back into a video and within minutes you have the information you need. And, with 30 days of “build time” you can pop in and out when its convenient for you.

3. Webinars

You’ll be invited to a FREE live webinars within the first 30 days of your site creation to discuss how to tweak your site. You’ll be notified, and reminded, in plenty of time. There may be one attendee or 20. You’ll get an invitation by email, a password and the opportunity to listen, watch and ask questions. Grab a coffee, and a pad/pen and log in. Oh, and we also begin each session with a simple prayer.

4. A Phone Call Away

We will provide our phone number so you can reach us. While this is the least immediate solution we will try our best to get back with you in 12 hours or less (during business days) and 24 on weekends.